Holistic Winter Wellness Tips

Winter is coming. No wait, winter is here. But despite what feels like freezing temperatures (Melbourne – seriously?) we Aussies don’t have to bear the extreme cold climates that other parts of the world have to endure. “How am I going to survive another month of this?” You mumble whilst enviously scrolling through your Instagram feed full of travel spam from dreamy exotic locations. Let us give you some hot tips.


Say hello to Hygge.

Ah what? It’s the Danish secret to staying happy during the chilly months. Hygge (pronounced Hoo-guh) can be described as a feeling of embracing all things toasty and cosy during this wonderful restorative time of year. It doesn’t mean getting your grizzly bear on and hibernating for 3 months but emphasises taking it slow and looking after yourself and those around you.  Think slow food (stew and soups), yoga, sauna’s etc.


Getting your Yin on

Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner Nadine Bertalli describes winter as “the most ‘Yin’ phase of the year. A time of stillness and introspection.” She goes on to explain that as a society we have a love for doing, striving and pushing on – all very non-winter qualities! Winter is a time where we should bunker down for rest and conserving energy for a busy year ahead. We likethe sound of that!


Nadine’s top tips making it through the cooler months include:

  • Rug up and stay warm – this sounds obvious but it’s worth remembering that Australian buildings aren’t well designed for the cold and many people don’t dress appropriately.
  • Make friends with ginger and cinnamon – these warming spices will help stoke your inner fire (for warmth and digestion).
  • Avoid raw food, salads and cold food and drinks – these quell your inner fire, making it more difficult to stay warm and digest food.
  • Sleep more – you’ll naturally want more sleep in Winter.
  • Make the time and space for introspection – meditate or be in quiet reflection where you can


Take it easy and keep warm and wonderful. Spring is around the corner!


Love TFF xx


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Image credit: lovestylemindfulness.co.uk

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