Can Tigernuts help boost Fertility?

Reproducing mini versions of ourselves may not be on the radar for some, but this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t always be aware of our reproductive health and maintaining a good hormonal balance.

We used to think baby making was easy, meet partner and multiply right? However for many this is not always the case. These days’ infertility rates on the rise, where 1 in 6 couples have trouble getting pregnant.

How can Mr. Tigernut help? It appears this all-rounder, high achieving super food has proven to help boost both male and female fertility. This is all thanks to their high Vitamin E content.


Traditionally, Tigernuts have been used to stimulate sexual arousal in the Middle East, yet scientific evidence surrounding sexual health is only just emerging now. What do the experts say? Turns out a few studies done on Tigernuts and fertility have discovered some interesting things…


For Gals

Vitamin E can help trigger normal menstruation [2] and prevent ovulation decline, which may be suitable for older women who have trouble getting pregnant [3]. It can also be useful for those undergoing fertility treatments, boosting the success rate of pregnancy [4].


Studies have also shown conceiving is a whole lot more successful if you’re a healthy weight. Vitamin E can prevent polyunsaturated fats oxidizing in the body, which can help reduce the amount of weight you put on. Winning.


Not to mention, vitamin E is an awesome antioxidant to help boost your immune system so your bod feels less run down when you’re trying for a bub [5].


Once you have that gorgeous little bun in the oven, the vitamin places an important role in the formation and maintenance of the placenta, which is essential for supporting a healthy pregnancy.


For Guys

Vitamin E has been known to help increase sperm count, quality health and motility. A study where rats received a dose of 2g of dried Tigernut powder per kg of bodyweight per day, boosted testosterone levels by 225% in a month! Whereas rats in the control group (they did not receive Tigernuts), their sperm became immobile.
In men, a deficiency in vitamin E can lead to testicular damage, which can inhibit normal hormonal secretion necessary for reproduction [7]. In the study, rats that became infertile were dosed with vitamin E and had their fertility totally restored. All hail Tigernuts.


Oh Hey Tiger

The results of the study indicated Tigernuts improved the sexual performance of the rats, supposing a possible benefit to human sexual performance as well, briefer intermission times and an overall increased libido. Your welcome.


Whether you’re looking to start an offspring or not, Tigernuts appear to benefit us in other ways we may have not previously thought. As well as the pantry, you might find our stash of Tigernuts in the bedroom drawer too…


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