Tigernuts and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Bringing Luck to our health in the Chinese New Year

In the west, our New Year often focuses on cleaning up our diet and getting our butt back into gear at the gym after all the silly season festivities fizzle out.

However in the east, the Chinese New Year means welcoming an entire new person: body, mind and spirit. Traditional Chinese Medicine considers our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self are all interconnected and need to be balanced.


Thanks to its amazing healing properties, the humble Tigernut (Chinese name xiang fu) has been widely used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
The healing powers of the Tigernut has been harnessed through Chinese Medicine for thousands of years and was often represented through ancient Chinese art and script. Traditionally the Chinese would extract the juice of Tigernut’s (a.k.a Tigernut Mylk) and use it as a liver strengthening tonic, a heart stimulant, to cure stomach pains, regulate menstruation in women, lower stress levels, cure mouth and gum sores and even as an aphrodisiac to promote sexual function! (1)
Like the ancient Chinese, we can reap the healing benefits of Tigernuts by eating them as a easy snack, making into Tigernut Mylk or adding to cereals and salads.  Tigernuts impressive nutritional profile – rich in vitamins, minerals, fibre, prebiotics and healthy fats to provide our body with the many supplements we need to function at our optimum and prevent other health issues and diseases. 
During the Chinese New Year it is also traditional for families to thoroughly cleanse the house, sweeping away any ill-fortune to make way for good incoming luck (2). 
For some ‘good luck’ to our health, we should really consider giving our pantry’s a good detox, clearing out what we know we should no longer be consuming and keeping or introducing those real wholesome foods that are truly nourishing and healing our bodies. 


2017 – The Year Of The Tigernut!

While it’s not the Lunar New Year for the Tiger (still have 5 years to wait for that one!) 2017 is definitely the time for Tigernuts to shine. Let’s take a page out of Traditional Chinese Medicines’ book and incorporate these super reviving little tubers to keep our bodies and souls a little more Zen to function at their best.


Love TFF xx



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