It’s no secret that Tigernuts are a great weight loss snack thanks to their high content of resistant starch. In true Terra Firma form, we’re taking the things to the next level by watching the waste created from packaging your precious cargo of Tigernuts.


Aussies generate over 40 million tonnes of waste per year (we know right, not cool). This waste releases toxic chemicals into the environment hurting plant and animal life and contaminating the very soil in which we are growing the food that’s supposed to nourish our bodies!


In the spirit of Plastic Free July (and environmental sustainability in general) we are working to reduce our waste consumption.  Moving forward your tigernuts will no longer arrive in bubble wrap, but in earth-friendly corrugated cardboard eco wrap or recycled newspaper and boxes made of 100% recycled paper.


How can you help reduce your environmental footprint?  Start small like using a Keep Cup for your takeaway coffees, saying no to plastic bags and reusing jam jars (every little bit helps) . Considering Mother Earth gives us Tigernuts, let’s do a little bit for her and leave a cleaner and greener world for our future generations to enjoy.


Love TFF xx


P.S If you’re a Tigernut fan looking to cut further reduce your waste,  we offer Tigernuts in bulk 12.5 kg bags.  Email us for more information on pricing info@terrafirmafoods.com.au 


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