Tigernut Tales – Fodmap Friendly Vegan shares her Tigernut success story.

Meet Sharon. AKA @fodmapfriendlyvegan. She’s a bit of a tiger nut fan and has been so kind as to share her story with us.


Having struggled with digestive issues from a young age, I had forever been told by the countless nutritionists and gastroenterologists to take probiotics to manage my symptoms. Never had anyone even breathed a word about prebiotics. It wasn’t until I started pursuing my postgraduate studies in nutrition that prebiotics got a mention. What was the point of splashing out hundreds on probiotic supplements if I was depriving myself of the “food” for the good bacteria – the prebiotics – as a result of the low residue diet I had been prescribed. Unfortunately a low FODMAP diet eliminates most prebiotics, as in high quantities they may cause digestive distress. It wasn’t until a good friend of mine from the states pushed me to try out prebiotic-rich Tigernuts that my fear of prebiotics was truly challenged. In the serving sizes required, these delicious little nut-like root veggies (like nothing you’ve ever tried before) are actually low FODMAP! I love the fact they are dairy, gluten and nut free – great for my sensitive lactose and gluten intolerant sensitive belly! Tigernuts are one of the few sources of resistant starch that don’t upset my stomach and I can rest assured that I’m now getting the most out of my probiotics. Not to mention their chewy delicious texture! Like nothing I’ve ever had before these have become a staple in my household. Thank you somuch for offering this in Australia, they have changed my life!


Love Sharon


We love hearing your Tigernut Tales, so if you have a story to share, please send it to: info@terrafirmafoods.com.au.

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