Crack out the canapes and pop open the bubbly because Silly Season is upon us!


Whilst it is a time of champagne and sunshine the lead up to Christmas can sometimes wreak havoc on our overall health, especially those who have sensitive tummies.


Don’t worry we’ve cooked up a Survival Guide which will keep you happy and healthy during this festive period.


Fibre Fantastic


Christmas is a time of glorious grazing plates and rich roast hams (yum!). However, for those with troublesome tummies consuming these bountiful spreads can create quite the war zone between your good and bad gut bacteria (hello bloat :-|)


So how to counteract the bloat and shed those Christmas kilos? A diet high in fibre will help keep things moving and your gut bacteria happy. With a whopping 10 grams of fibre per serving, Tigernuts can help kick your digestive system  into shape by regulating the bowels and warding off any unwanted bloating. Also important to note that a healthy gut biome will boost your immune system. Boom baby.


Abstain from Alcohol


Whilst drinking in moderation is fine and in some cases a healthy inclusion to your diet (red wine you little ripper!), high consumption of Christmas champers can be detrimental to your gut health, affecting digestion, immunity and mental health.


This reaction by your gut bacteria is known as dysbiosis. Dysbiosis is a term that describes the imbalance that occurs when the good gut bacteria of your gut are outweighed by bad bacteria. And when bad bacteria overwhelms your good bacteria your stomach is more prone to bloating, cramps, gas and food sensitivities. Not to mention hangovers are worst (YIKES).


How to Release Your Workout Wonder Woman


Get Up Early

Embrace those sunny mornings and include some early morning exercise into your routine. Research shows exercising before breakfast leads to better long-term fitness results and a boosted metabolism. Plus, if you exercise in the morning it increases your productivity during the day #winwin.


During your day try and find a moment where you can walk. Whether it be a trip to the supermarket or walking your dog, walking is enjoyable, a great form of cardio and helps you stay in shape.


Get Social
If you are feeling a little unmotivated to put on your runners, find yourself a fitness buddy. Then you can catch up with your mates and you can work off the Christmas calories together!


Love from TFF xx

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