Tigernut Cookie Dough Bliss Balls

  Cookies and milk for Santa. It's an age-old classic which keeps kids (and the adults) happy every year.   However, the old cookie dough isn't so friendly on poor Santa's waistline. Or blood sugar. And did we mention it's not gluten free - argh!   Never fear, we are here...

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  Crack out the canapes and pop open the bubbly because Silly Season is upon us!   Whilst it is a time of champagne and sunshine the lead up to Christmas can sometimes wreak havoc on our overall health, especially those who have sensitive tummies.   Don't worry we've cooked...

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Guilt Free Banana Bread

  Mid-arvo munchies (Noun). The action reaching for the top drawer chocolate stash at exactly 2.59pm.   Do you suffer from this phenomenon? Never fear, we’re here with a scrumptious solution in the form of Double Chocolate Tigernut Banana Bread to help curb cravings. Sure it sounds a little naughty,...

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Are Tigernuts the secret to our primal ancestors survival?

When we think Paleo, we often consider a diet that focuses on a high consumption of animal products. Sometimes this can give the ancient diet a bad rap for being so high in saturated fats. This often fuels controversial debates as to whether the paleo diet is actually that good for you. However according to an Oxford University study, our Paleo ancestors did a lot less hunting and a lot more gathering than we are led to believe. In fact, within Eastern Africa, 80% of our ancestors diet consisted of Tigernuts.


How did Tigernuts sustain our ancestors through evolution?

Tigernuts provided the caveman with an excellent source of nourishment which explains how they survived over a million years to what we are today. Our ancestor’s very survival is thanks to Tigernuts. It’s not hard to believe these little nutritious gems play such a vital role in our evolution as humans. They contain the same amount of iron as red meat does which is essential for our body’s development, growth and performance.


So – modern humans – let’s get on board reintroducing this ancient Paleo superfood!

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Love TFF xx

The importance of prebiotics by the FODMAP friendly vegan

Tigernuts are a prebiotic. They are also FODMAP friendly. However anyone with tummy trouble knows that prebiotics and FODMAP don't usually go hand in hand. Confused? You better check out this great post from our friend the FODMAP Friendly Vegan.   Not to be confused with “PRObiotics”,...

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Tigernuts snack your way to weight loss…

Tigernuts aid weight loss. Say whaaat!!?! Is there really a god? Read all about how snacking on Tigernuts assist your weight loss journey?   Tigernuts are super high in resistant starch (RS) fiber, which has been getting a lot of a lot of buzz for its weight-loss...

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Hiking and Snacking through your long weekend

It's the Anzac Day long weekend here in Australia and we think one of the best activities to enjoy on the extra day off is a nice long hike in the great outdoors. Our island home, Tasmania, is renowned for its beautiful walks, crisp clean...

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