Raw Paleo Tigernut + Cacao Avocado dessert

This ultra scrumptious raw paleo/vegan tigernut cacao + avocado dessert is the perfect summer treat. With plenty of tasty nourishing goodies in each layer, this chilled cheese-cake-like dessert will keep both your taste buds and tummy happy.



2 x cups of unpeeled tigernuts (soaked overnight)
12 x pitted medjool dates
2 x tbsp. coconut oil



2nd layer
2 x cups cashews
4 x tbsp. coconut oil
2 x tbsp. honey
3 x tbsp. shredded coconut


3rd layer
2 x avocado
7 x tbsp. cacao
3 x tbsp. honey
Pinch of Himalayan salt
2 x tsp. vanilla bean paste
2 x tbsp. diced tigernuts



1. Lightly process or roughly chop Tigernuts, add coconut oil and dates and blend until a nice subtly sticky base. Press firmly into a lined cake or slice tin.
2. Process cashews until a fine crumbly consistency (blend further if you want this layer to be a bit smoother) add coconut oil, honey and shredded coconut, process until well blended. Evenly add to second layer in cake tin.
3. Process avocado’s, cacao, honey, vanilla bean paste and salt until a nice mousse consistency. Add to 3rd layer, spreading over evenly.
4. Decorate with diced Tigernut, freeze for 4 hours and voilĂ !


Serve with a dollop of coconut milk yoghurt and vanilla bean paste. Mmhmm.


Keep stored in freezer.



Love TFF xx

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  • Cheryl Patterson


    I have tried to print this recipe but am unable to as only half of the recipe shows up, will you please email me a whole recipe.
    Thanks, Cheryl

    January 24, 2017 at 3:25 pm

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