Nutritionist Natasha Jordan shares her love of Tigernuts


Nutritionist and Nutritional Medicine Practitioner Natasha Jordan gives us the low down on why tigernuts are her go-to digestive health snack:


I am absolutely loving my new little snack!


As a nutritionist, I often have clients that simply find it too hard to avoid their food intolerances. What appeals to me about the Tigernut, is most people can eat them and not be worried about anything bad getting in to their diet. It creates a simple snack for those with a complicated diet.


When looking at the most important aspect of which food to eat (being its nutritional value), Tigernuts tick most of the boxes. One particular highlight for me are their digestive health benefits. Digestive health plays a pivotal role in your overall health, so when looking at adding any food into your diet you need to ask yourself “is this good for my digestive health”. If your digestive health is not at its best you increase your risk of developing other chronic health conditions.
To support your digestion, Tigernuts provide a hefty dose of insoluble fibre. Insoluble fibre helps keep your gut flora happy. When your gut flora is healthy you digest nutrients better, you reduce inflammation and you support a strong immune system. In addition to helping your gut flora flourish, the insoluble fibre in Tigernuts also helps regulate hunger, supports weight loss and maintains healthy cholesterol levels.

Tigernuts also contain high levels of amazing minerals such as magnesium and potassium. Magnesium and potassium both play important roles in maintaining the health of your nervous system. These nutrients help support neurotransmitter function, nerve transmission and the alkalinity of your body – all of which help support healthy mood, reduce muscle aches and pains and reduce health risks associated with acidity in the body.
Tigernuts are a simple way of getting a little more protein into your breakfast, I see time and time again high carb breakfasts with very little protein. You need protein in the morning period to ensure your blood sugar stays balanced and your energy levels stable for the remainder of the day. Protein in the morning is also linked to weight loss, so ensure that you are getting a little each morning by adding a handful of Tigernuts to your breakfast.
In summary Tigernuts get the tick of approval from me for healthy gut and healthy mind. I would describe the taste as slightly sweet with a chewy texture. I would recommend eating the peeled Tigernuts for breakfast mixed in with your cereal or the diced option in your smoothie or on some avo and sourdough with a little drizzle of honey.


Natasha Jordan

Accredited Nutritionist

BHSc Nutritional Medicine

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