Keepin’ it Green


Did you know Australian’s generate over 40 million tonnes of waste per year?


Melbourne’s The Age  recently published regarding China’s changing exportation laws and how these changes could result in an Australian waste crisis (this is not good). The Age suggests  that well over a million tonnes of metal, paper and plastics, which were previously exported to China, are now starting to pile up in Australian waste centres.


Let’s just break that down. This is the equivalent of 2.9 billion two-litre milk bottles, 13.6 billion aluminium drink cans and 22,225 square kilometres of newspaper. Yikes!


As part of the Terra Firma ethos, we take measures to reduce our environmental footprint and keep our beautiful planet feeling healthy and nourished. That’s why we wrap your Tigernuts in an eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging material and send them in boxes made of 100% recycled paper. And, because we love Mother Nature exactly the way she is, we source our Tigernuts from GMO free, sustainable farmers.


Please join us in our war on waste. Ban the plastic bags. Buy yourself reusable drink bottles and lunch boxes. Ditch paper towels. Reuse glass jars. Make everyday Earth Day.


Love from TFF xxx

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