Health on the Run in 2016

Happy New Year!

After a crazy holiday period, our feet are back on Terra Firma and we have some time to sit back, reassess 2015 and prepare what is going to be a huge year in 2016. We have some personal, business and after all the Christmas/NY debauchery – because 80:20 guys! – a few health goals set for the year ahead.

This year are continuing to focusing on eating real food. You know the items that look pretty close to the way they would appear in nature, because let’s be honest – there are so many different messages out there sometimes it’s hard to know what to do, eat, believe. Tigernuts have been our go to snack of choice for that little afternoon pick me up or a handful on the way out the door in the morning and in 2016 we are looking to make these delicious bites more accessible to everyone!

We will also have some new products coming out which is super exciting, and we can’t wait to bring these to you so you can include the health benefits of Tigernuts into your diet in an increasing variety of ways.

Setting health goals is a great way to start the year and set a positive mindset to help you make good choices in the year ahead. Small changes go a long way to meeting new goals, reaching for a healthy treat at 4pm instead of something chocolate coated is a great start, why not start by substituting Tigernuts?! has listed Tigernuts as a favourite paleo snack for 2016, read article

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