Frequently Asked Questions

Who is behind Terra Firma Foods Tigernuts?

We are two Sisters with a passion for health and wellness based between Melbourne and Tasmania. We are thrilled to be able bring Tigernuts to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and everywhere in between!

Growing up on a farm in Tasmania, we were lucky to always have access to fresh local produce and had virtually no exposure to fast food (the closest McDonalds was over an hour drive). At the age of 15 Elizabeth – the eldest of the two sisters, became very ill with an eating disorder. This illness had a huge impact on our family and taught both Elizabeth and Penelope the importance of real food, how different foods affect and nourish our bodies and the complex chemical reactions taking place within them.

We found Tigernuts during our travels together overseas and loved their sweet, nutty taste and health benefits. Further research into Tigernuts only uncovered more benefits of these little gems, and we decided that someone needed to bring them to Australia!

We are now pleased to have Tigernuts stockists in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast and Hobart. We also deliver orders to customers all over this great country. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

How do I become a stockist?

We would love to chat to you about joining the Tigernut Fam. We now have Tigernuts stockists in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast and Hobart and are always looking for new opportunities, stores and partners.

Please send us an email if you are interesting in stocking any of the Terra Firma Foods Tigernut products and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

Where do you source your Tigernuts?

All our Tigernut products are shipping from growers located in Valencia, Spain.

Can I eat Tigernuts if I suffer from nut allergies?

Tigernuts are not nuts, they are a root vegetable from the Tuber family. Whilst we take the utmost care to ensure our product is packaged in a nut-free environment, there is a chance that Terra Firma Foods Tigernuts and Tigernut Flour contain almonds and traces of peanuts due to the environment in which they are packaged.

Are your products suitable for children?

Absolutely! Tigernuts are a great snack for kids.  In fact, studies have shown that Tigernuts have a macronutrient ratio almost identical to that of human breast milk. However as the unpeeled and peeled Tigernut Snack are small in size, we do not recommended them for children under 3 years old.

Are your Tigernuts Organic?

Terra Firma Foods Tigernuts and Tigernut Flour are European certified organic. However  to have Tigernuts certified as Australian organic requires an additional assessment of every step of the supply chain. In order to keep the cost of Tigernuts to the consumer as low as possible, we have chosen not to undertake this certification process at this point in time. However, we can guarantee that no nasty herbicides or pesticides are used during the growing, harvesting and storage process of our Tigernuts.

Are your products GMO Free?

Yes, all are products are 100% GMO free.

Do Tigernut products contain gluten or dairy?

Tigernuts are gluten and dairy free

Are your product Kosher?

Yes, Terra Firma Tigernut products are Kosher.

Can I buy in bulk quantities?

Yes, you can buy most of our products in bulk quantities. Please email us directly to enquire about larger quantities:

Are your products safe to use during pregnancy?

Whilst Tigernuts are non allergenic, we are not registered health practitioners we cannot give this kind of advice. It’s important that your doctor or naturopath is consulted in relation to this question.

When will my order be shipped?

Orders in stock are usually dispatched within 1–3 business days of your purchase. The time it takes to arrive depends on your location and the shipping option you choose.

What shipping method do you use?

We primarily use regular Australia Post services, however, we make exceptions for stockists and bulk orders. We can also accommodate specific requests for express post, tracking, and international options. Please email us if you would like to make a request.

What is your return policy?

Should your product be faulty or damaged upon arrival we offer a full unconditional refund on the price of any product purchased (exclusive of postage) when the product is returned to us. We do not provide a refund on products that don’t adhere to your personal taste.

Terra Firma Food Pty. Ltd. will not commence processing the refund or exchange until the returned goods are received. We will only accept returns if they are sent by prepaid parcel post.

A refund can only be made to the credit card used to make the purchase and will be for the product only.

How long will the product take to arrive once shipped?

We ship our products via Australia Post. We endeavour to ship all orders within three working days of receiving them. If for some reason we are unable to do this we will contact you either by phone or email.

Please refer to table below for approximate delivery times from the day the order is placed to when it should be received.

Region Delivery Timeframe
Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Melbourne, Tasmania 4-6 business days
Gold Coast, Brisbane, North NSW 5-8 business days
Perth, North QLD 7-10 business days