US Vogue hearts Tigernuts (and Terra Firma Foods)

We love tigernuts. We also love Vogue. So you can imagine how thrilled we were when US Vogue (no less) named Tigernuts “The new superfood you need to try” and featured Terra Firma Foods Tigernuts and a quote from one of our co-founders in the article.
“Newer to the tiger nut pen is Terra Firma Foods. Cofounder Elizabeth Sattler first stumbled upon the snack during a trip to the U.S.—and, in fact, Organic Gemini was her first encounter: “They were too good not to bring home to Aus!” she asserts.
While most tiger nut companies mill the tuber into a flour—which one can add to baked goods in the same ratio as regular flour or other nut flours—Sattler also vends diced tiger nuts as a topping for muffins, breakfast cereal, or even salads.”
You can read the full article here 

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